At Visionary People, we say that "if there's a vision, there's a way."

Visionary People (VP) is an international solution provider who has helped thousands of companies solve their business problems by implementing leading best practices and solutions.

From Startup business to business optimization and growth, marketing and branding, and long term sustainability initiatives, VP works with an array of partners to help drive, manage and grow the legacy of our customers. 

At VP we are passionate about helping our customers grow their businesses. We demonstrate this by delivering intelligent solutions utilizing leading software such as SAP, Oracle, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft, NetSuite and Sage. Our solutions enable growth because they are flexible, scalable and powerful. We have hand-picked the best solutions in the marketplace to work with, which gives us the ability to provide the optimal solution that most closely matches your businesses requirements and future plans.

Our experienced consultants implement these solutions and take time to listen to your needs in order to add value to your business. Our services include initial implementations, training, support and development.

We are well known for our Subject Matter Experts (SME) who educate, design, model, architect and engineer strategies and solutions while leading projects for customers who have very specific requirements. 

VP’s business solutions help customers implement best-in-class strategies for optimal production and performance. Our proven expertise and portfolio of business solutions address a range of customer needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Process Services
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Database and IT infrastructure
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small, medium and large Companies
  • Financial Management
  • Governance Risk and Compliance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Human Capital Management for small, medium and large Companies
  • Modern Best Practices
  • Online Commerce and Payments
  • Online Identity Development, Marketing and Branding
  • Point-of-Sale Systems (POS)
  • Procurement
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Social Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Sustainability

Business Activity Monitoring
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), also called business activity management, describes the processes and technologies that enhance situation awareness and enable analysis of critical business performance indicators based on real-time data. BAM is used to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations by keeping track of what is happening and making issues visible quickly. The BAM concept can be implemented through many different kinds of software tools; those aimed solely at BAM are called BAM platform products. The BAM paradigm can be used to evaluate external as well as internal factors.

Three main steps compose effective implementation of BAM:

  • First, relevant data is gathered in an efficient and timely manner and in sufficient quantities to provide meaningful results.
  • Second, the data is processed to identify and categorize factors relevant to specific concerns.
  • Finally, the data is analyzed and the results displayed in a clear, user-friendly interface so personnel can take appropriate actions.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Onshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are the subcontracting of business activities and functions. BPO services include payroll, human resources (HR), accounting and customer/call center relations. BPO is as a cost-saving measure for tasks that our clients require but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the marketplace. BPO is often divided into two categories: back office outsourcing which includes internal business functions such as billing or purchasing, and front office outsourcing which includes customer-related services such as marketing or tech support. For the protection of our clients, we do not offer offshore or nearshore outsourcing.

The following are BPO advantages:

  • Business process speed and efficiency are enhanced.
  • Employees may invest more time in core business strategies to bolster competitive advantage and enhance value chain engagement. 
  • Organizational growth increases when capital resource and asset expenditures are not required, which averts problematic investment returns.
  • Organizations are not required to invest in unrelated primary business strategy assets, facilitating a shift in focus to specific competencies.

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If there's a vision, there's a way.