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Visionary People: At the Forefront of Comprehensive, Analytical Research.


Decision-making is a crucial aspect of any business venture. A business owner can make firm decisions and stand by them, only when he is well aware of the surroundings of his marketplace. Along with the internal factors about your business, you also need to have complete understanding about the external factors affecting your products, services and overall business. Business research comes forward as the best solution to this dilemma. Business or industry analysis is the systematic process of gathering all the relevant market data, which is then organized and analyzed to draw conclusions that are relevant to your industry. These reports contain essential information about the market trends, segments, customer groups, demands, competitors and all the key players in the marketplace.

Visionary People is a recognized leader in comprehensive research and has long been at the forefront of numerous innovation and sustainable business practice breakthroughs. In 2012, we expanded our commitment to quantitative, qualitative, basic, applied, development, translational and clinical research as well as observations and experiments throughout the Visionary People's research and analysis methodology, and have taken research to new levels of excellence through collaborations with strategic institutions and alliances throughout the world.

As a result, we continue to integrate disruptive technologies into our portfolio of solutions while assisting our clients in identifying the most thoroughly researched business challenges, cases and highest-quality value-added solutions to market. Collectively, we are able to offer our clients and global community visionary solutions by way of innovative, disruptively strong research opportunities.

Research of any type is a method to discover information. Within analytical research articles, data and other important facts that pertain to a project is compiled; after the information is collected and evaluated, the sources are used to prove a hypothesis or support an idea. Using critical thinking skills (a method of thinking that involves identifying a claim or assumption and deciding if it is true or false) a person is able to effectively pull out small details to form greater assumptions about the material.

Some researchers conduct analytical research to find supporting evidence to current research being done in order to make the work more reliable. Other researchers conduct analytical research to form new ideas about the topic being studied. Analytical research is conducted in a variety of ways including literary research, public opinion, scientific trials and Meta-analysis.

Visionary People's (VP) stellar reputation in the research industry is derived from our expertise in defining problems, developing research designs, executing complex studies, analyzing data, and interpreting results to enable our clients to make the most informed decisions possible.

VP consultants use different types of tools, techniques and methods for client business challenge and/or objective analysis. These methods and types vastly depend on the particular requirements of the business owners, leadership teams and their project.

VP's six primary areas of business research focus include:

  • Quantitative Analysis: This method deals with collecting all the objective and numerical data from various resources. Various statistical models and formulas help the experts to collect market data about the features. Questionnaire is the basic tool, which provides adequate information about customer behavior and their approach towards a particular product or company. Compiling complete statistical investigation is the basic aim of quantitative analysis. Hence, the questions are also in objective sorts that draw yes and no responses from the customers chosen for the tests.
  • Qualitative Analysis: Qualitative analysis is exactly opposite to quantitative study. It is thoroughly subjective and deals with the market data, which can be stored in the form of words and visual presentations. In this study, experts observe customers the record and analyze their responses in the form of answers and queries. These responses include various answers to open-ended questions, their overall behavior and results of various tests performed on them. Qualitative examination mainly depends on case studies, which helps the experts to collect the required market data.
  • Observations: This is the basic weapon at the disposal of the experts undertaking your projects. Observational research plays a vital role in collecting crucial market data, which all the other methods cannot do. It is the method of collecting valuable data without any interference or inputs from the experts. They plainly observe the customers and their behavior and then carry out reports based on these observations. They record the feedback and complaints of the customers based on their preferences and suggest improvements.
  • Experiments: Business analysis based on experiments helps the researchers to change the set parameters and observe the results according to these changes. These projects generally take place in dedicated laboratories, but can also be performed at other places. This technique helps the experts understand various aspects and conditions that affect the behavior of target customers.
  • Basic Research: Basic study concentrates of collecting all the basic things that are crucial yet unknown for the business or product.
  • Applied Research: This study helps you understand answers to all the crucial issues and problems troubling your business.
  • Developmental Research: This study is very similar to applied analysis. However, it mainly focuses on using known solutions for product improvements and new business ventures.

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