Mohsen Salehi with Kathleen A. Shaver,

Director, Sustainability & Risk,

Cisco Systems, Inc., at Bill Clinton's

2014 Hultz Price Competition to discuss Visionary People's next generation online staffing platform specifically designed for college alumni.

The problem with linear strategies, processes, systems and perspectives is that they are not collectively scalable, adaptable or sustainable. In order to help our clients achieve their goals, we have to constantly architect new methodologies, frameworks, and models that utilize foundational and forward-thinking research. Hence, we take a collective hybrid approach to identify value-added solutions and apply best practices in a modular manner that are relatively applied on a case-by-case basis.

Moreover, it is imperative to make note that there is no one framework, model, technical solution, process or strategy that can be used in every case, regardless of the organization's size or industry type.

Our philosophy is what differentiates Visionary People among our competitors: we apply major emphasis on comprehensive research to identify the most valuable opportunities and solutions for our clients." ~  Mohsen Z. Salehi

Mohsen Zavieah Salehi, is the Founder and President of VISIONARY PEOPLE (VP), an internationally leading full-service business consultancy providing expert advice to public, private, nonprofit and start-up organizations, and their decision makers on global best practices as well as strategies, solutions and opportunities that are aligned with our clients' short and long-term goals. Through Mohsen's hardwork and efforts, VP has developed strong partnerships with public, private, nonprofit, and start-up organizations with a growing "value-added" brand and recognition in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Mohsen is known as a modern Renaissance man, Visionary, and Humanitarian. As the mentor to young entrepreneurs and college graduates, he is masterful at empowering people on a global level to unleash their full leadership potential and lead lives of significance, influence, and affluence. As a dynamic leader, he has the rare and infectious gift of inspiring others to great heights, tapping into their unlimited potential and bringing out the natural leader in them. The people he touches are often infused with light, uplifted and motivated to extraordinary levels of accomplishment. For over 15 years he has been empowering people and institutions to unleash their leadership talents and creative abilities in such a way as to make a significant and meaningful impact on the world. To date, he has been engaged in over 40,000 hours of transforming the consciousness of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Mohsen is an inspiring and provocative speaker and a catalyst for change. He travels the globe giving instructional and illuminating talks on empowerment, visionary leadership, transformation, innovation and conscious capitalism, just to name a few. For more than a decade, he has been changing lives in one way or another. Whether within Fortune 500 companies, the affluent or with entrepreneurs around the globe, his company particularly empowers college graduates and helps them define success on their own terms by providing contract job opportunities which dynamically distinguish themselves in the global marketplace and become a powerful part of a new economic force reshaping the world. He takes a powerful stand for college graduates being the greatest untapped resource and is dedicated to causing global transformation through unleashing the unlimited leadership potential of credentialed professionals.

Through his many years of working with executives, as well as many powerful and successful entrepreneurs and leaders, Mohsen has a profound realization of the transformation necessary for college graduates and young entrepreneurs to acquire leadership mastery and become a groundbreaking economic, political, and social force for inspiring change. He helps college graduates transform their lives from the inside out resulting in greater credibility, visibility, influence, global reach and income.

In his coaching, teaching, mentorship, and leadership work, Mohsen invokes a unique learning process that powerfully affects and transforms institutions and their people in such a way that impacts one’s ability to think differently, access new possibilities, and perform with extraordinary results. He is known for his rare capacity to engage with individuals, groups, and organizations from a place of embodied wisdom and has the intuitive ability to get to the heart of the matter. He combines his years of insight into human dynamics with whole systems organizational thinking with his business acumen. He strongly believes in the power and impact of becoming a “force for good” through ones entrepreneurial endeavors and sees education as a 21st century vehicle for transformation. He also believes that by bringing greater consciousness to all our endeavors, we can maximize health and wealth while being socially and environmentally responsible.

As a facilitator, he has worked with small and large groups in organizational and non-organizational settings, demonstrating a true gift for working with complex group dynamics. He is a synthesizer and integrator who facilitates the emergence of new levels of understanding and creates new possibilities and openings for direction and action. As a result, Mohsen has identified and designed disruptive methodologies, frameworks and solutions to optimize process and team dynamics.

His expertise is in Economic Development, Workforce Development, Global Strategy, Effective Communication through Transparency, Disruptive Innovation and Creativity, Visionary Leadership through Perspective Development, Conscious Capitalism, the emergence of the Next Generation Leadership and Human Capital in our business and leadership practices and the application of transformational technologies to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Mohsen is an advocate for the creation of collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances.

Working successfully through the years with various companies, along with a number of non-profits, Mohsen’s client list includes Wells Fargo & Company, Bear Stearns & Company, American Financial Lending Inc. AT&T, Contra Costa Times, San Mateo County Transit District, Dean Farms, BayT and Brand Union in Dubai, to name a few.

In 2012, Mohsen was elected by Saint Mary’s College of California to serve as a Mentor to Trans-global Executive MBA (T-GEMBA) students and educate students on global best practices on research and global management consulting. In 2013, he was elected again by the college to be a Council Advisor to the Vice Provost. Mohsen accepted and donated hours of his time to help empower his graduating college and the success of their students, people he views as college brothers and sisters. Mohsen also served as a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador for a decade in San Ramon, California.

Mohsen earned his Trans-Global Executive MBA (T-GEMBA) in Global Economics and International Finance from Saint Mary’s College of California, School of Economics & Business Administration, in 2012 where he completed coursework and training focused in Business Ecosystem & Industrial Engineering, Global Management Science, Global Strategy, Venture Capital, Manufacturing, Business Transformation Planning, Global Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Complex Statistical Analysis, Global Program and Project Management, Public Administration, Disruptive Technology and Systems, Sustainability, Green Investment, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Mohsen completed over 2,000 hours of executive-level experiential and complex analytical, statistical and clinical research and analysis as well as comprehensive global immersion coursework, consulting fieldwork, comprehensive research, complex analysis and executive0level group presentations to government officials in over 5 countries within the North America, Europe and Africa continents. Additionally, Mohsen learned valuable best practices, corporate insight and innovative perspectives from his fellow college brothers and sisters, executive leaders who work at Fortune 500 Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area organizations.

Mohsen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior & Leadership (OBL) from the University of San Francisco, School of Management, in 2010. The professional-level and profound OBL program taught Mohsen to actively investigate organizational life, providing him with the conceptual and practical tools to effectively management and lead complex organizations.

Through the OBL program, Mohsen completed over 2,000 hours of experiential, complex analytical, statistical and clinical coursework and research in Organizational Planning (e.g. Development, Strategy, Design, Measurement, Change Management, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Process Planning, Impact Assessment, Training, Human Capital Development), Human Resource Development & Management, Cross-Cultural Psychological Theories & Principles, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Science, Complexity Science (e.g. Complex Adaptive Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Complex Adaptive Behavior), Enterprise Systems Engineering, Sociology, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Experimental & Social Psychology, Corporate Culture & Diversity, Public Administration, and Stakeholder Management.

Mohsen also holds numerous certification and designations, and has been given a number of awards for his individual contribution and performance by past employers.

Mohsen is now spearheading a movement to transform our world through the empowerment of college graduates as leaders and working with people of influence to collaboratively co-create a radically different future for our world. 

Mohsen Salehi with Aden Bliss,

Chief Financial Officer,

Blue Shield of California Foundation, at Bill Clinton's 2014 Hultz Price Competition to discuss Visionary People's next generation online staffing platform specifically designed for college alumni.

Mohsen Salehi with John Baptist Odama, Archbishop of East and West Africa, in Uganda to talk about national and regional workforce development (05/2012).

Mohsen Salehi being recognized and awarded by Jim Foley, Wells Fargo Greater Bay Regional President, for surpassing performance expectation (01/2010).

Mohsen Salehi with His Excellency, Ambassador Parthasarathi Nagesharao,

Consul General of India - San Francisco at the Silicon Valley Awards (2013).

Mohsen Salehi being recognized and awarded by Carrie Tolstedt, Wells Fargo Executive Vice President of Community Banking, for surpassing performance expectation (01/2010).

Mohsen Salehi with California Senator Ellen Corbett, and the Honorable Teresa Cox at the Silicon Valley Awards (2013).

Mohsen Salehi with Virginia Robbins,

Chief Operations Officer, California Bank of Commerce,  at Bill Clinton's 2014 Hultz Price Competition to discuss Visionary People's next generation online staffing platform specifically designed for college alumni.

Mohsen Salehi with Jay Vijayan,

Chief Information Officer of Tesla Motors,

at Bill Clinton's Hultz Price Competition to discuss Visionary People's next generation online staffing platform specifically designed for college alumni.

Mohsen Salehi contracted to help lead a large-scale ERP Business Optimization Program for the San Mateo County Transit District, San Carlos, California (2014).

Mohsen Salehi with Gavin Christopher Newsom, State of California Lieutenant Governor, to celebrate his film supporting equality.

Mohsen Salehi with Donald O'Keefe, United States Chief Marshal and  alumni at the University of San Francisco (2013).


(L-R) Mohsen Salehi with Albert Ortas i Serrano, Director of Barcelona City Hall, Newell Arnerich, Mayor of Danville, California, and Mrs. Janis Lavine Arnerich, an alumni at Saint Mary's College of California, discuss joint strategic business partnership and venture capital opportunities (08/2013).

If there's a vision, there's a way.