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Many organizations experience operational challenges when rolling out new technologies or services. Organizations must constantly adapt to rapidly changing business requirements and increasing cost pressure. They need to optimize their business processes to allocate scarce resources more efficiently. In today's businesses, many processes are complex, accurate data for optimization efforts is sometimes lacking, and potential investments can be highly risky.

In an era of continuous technological advancements, the available tools in solving business problems and handling huge amounts of data are constantly increasing. Problems considered impossible only a few years ago are now easily solved on a laptop computer. Even though the fundamentals of mathematics and statistics do not change, the advancement of research in the field and the availability of sophisticated computer software have changed the way we approach problems. These challenges can also affect the quality of existing services before you even realize a problem exists. Don't let operations trouble lead to poor service quality and low customer satisfaction. 

Visionary People's Business Process Engineering and Optimization teams help nonprofit, private and public institutions better understand and improve business operations. We focus on challenges across provisioning, engineering, performance, technology evolution, and customer service. So we can help you determine what works, what doesn't and what changes are needed to make your operations run smoothly. Optimizing business operations will help pave the way to higher-quality services, improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency. Start working your way there today.

Methodologies and Tools
Our Business Process Engineering approach includes:

  • Understanding the Present Mode of Operation (PMO). We'll assemble an experienced team to analyze your current processes, technologies and systems. The result will be creation of a detailed PMO business process model showing interrelationships and dependencies between people, systems, and processes. This will serve as the baseline that proposed changes and actual implementations are evaluated against.
  • Determining the Future Mode of Operation (FMO). We'll work with you to build an advisory team to define an FMO business process model based on your business objectives and our combined knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Gap Analysis and Transition Plan. A gap analysis of needed business process improvements and transition to the FMO plan will be developed. You'll gain an understanding of the business strategy, timing, personnel, and system/process evolution that will take place.
  • Implementation. By trial and deploying new system or operational process improvements, we'll help you determine whether the intended results will be achieved. If additional system and operational process improvements need to be made, we'll repeat the appropriate PMO, FMO, Gap Analysis and Transition Planning steps as necessary.

Unique Perspective
Visionary People (VP) brings a unique perspective to the markets we serve. Our unequaled blend of industry leadership, knowledge, experience, people, tools, and best practices has resulted in a long track record of success for our customers.

We have long-standing working relationships with many organizations in the private and public sectors and are familiar with their operational environments based on our ongoing work together. Our approach is life-cycle based and applies pertinent elements of the Applied Communication Sciences Plan-Design-Build-Operate methodology in the development of the PMO and FMO business process maps, making it applicable to every phase of business operations. VP program and project managers are trained in continual service/quality improvement as process optimization is often an iterative discipline. Our comprehensive knowledge base and multifaceted skill-set cover systems, networks, operations, and computing technology. Our deep experience with and contributions to widely-used best practice operations frameworks ensures that no matter what the challenge or environment, we can help.

Whether you are facing unnecessarily long provision intervals, having trouble meeting quoted Software License Agreements (SLAs) or experiencing difficulty rolling out new technologies, we can help. VP applies cutting-edge models, algorithms, software and expertise to solve complex business optimization challenges.

Business Process Optimization
Today’s complex business environment requires rapid response to ever-changing requirements and financial pressures. However, fragmented, sub-optimized and non-integrated processes drain an enterprise’s productivity and diminish responsiveness to changing markets, customers, and partners.

It is crucial to manage internal employee processes and workflows so that day-to-day activities are efficient and productive, and that the data employees need to succeed is available and accessible.

Business processes are fundamental to every company’s operational performance. Having the proper technology in place can help bring success, but having optimized business processes and practices are what delivers true value. Recognizing which processes need fine-tuning or wholesale change requires understanding the current performance level of a process, identifying where it should be, and then establishing a path for achieving the desired, optimized outcome.

Visionary People’s business optimization solutions help you gain competitive advantage. Our performance- and data-driven solutions align all business processes and practices within a vision of constant improvement, enhanced productivity, reduced cost, greater efficiency, increased speed and agility, technical integration, and improved customer satisfaction. We can optimize your business in areas including:

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Cloud
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Integration and APIs
  • Management Consulting 
  • Multi-Shoring

Business Process Optimization & Re-Engineering
Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and network of Academia investigate your business, evaluating it from your portfolio perspective in accordance with the best practices in the industry to provide an assessment of whether your organization requires process optimization or needs Re-Engineering for a state of the art business delivery model.

When undertaking business process engineering initiatives, it is crucially important to survey the market for industry’s best practice. VP Global with its network of SME's and leading industrial mentors, has proved to be a leading global strategic advisory firm and an expert in best practice advisory, benchmarking, and transformation consulting services. The following are just a few reasons why VP Global is the right partner for your business process engineering initiatives:

Our Track Record
Visionary People has a proven record of success, having partnered with over 10,00 institutions worldwide. Our business process engineering and cost reduction consulting has delivered billions of dollars in sustainable improvements for our clients. Our working capital management solutions have also helped companies release billions of dollars in cash flow improvements.

Proven Practices
Visionary People business process engineering consulting is grounded on our renowned benchmarking data and business best practices repository. We base our business process engineering consulting on empirical data and proven practices from world – class performance, rather than theories. Our proven approach leverages comparable metrics, derived from relevant global best practices. This enables us to provide you with fact-based business process engineering recommendations that deliver measurable return on investment. 

Consistent Methodology
Visionary People uses consistent business process engineering methodologies worldwide. We are able to quickly diagnose and assess performance issues and help you to prioritize your process improvement plans by the actions that will yield the greatest return in the shortest amount of time.

We can help with all of your business process analysis and improvement needs, including rapid cost reduction, performance management, strategic sourcing, shared services, finance outsourcing, and more.

Objectivity & Independence
We provide an objective, independent performance assessment and business process engineering recommendations. By choosing Visionary People, a global consultancy that leverages empirical data, you'll have confidence that the recommendations will produce the expected returns.

Corporate Performance Management
Executive decision makers need access to integrated information to truly focus on profitability and performance. This requires a performance management platform that provides historical information, current results, and predictive analytics. Performance managers need to know what’s happened, why it happened, align this knowledge with objectives, and articulate a plan to establish a forward-looking view of the business that drives productivity, reduces costs and improves efficiencies.

Visionary People (VP) solutions deliver quantitative data on performance metrics and provide critical detail about how a company is performing, and why. We also provide powerful tools to improve the speed, flexibility and accuracy of planning, budgeting and consolidation cycles. Together, these solutions improve decision making, allow a quicker response to threats and opportunities across the enterprise, and help an organization to perform at its best. VP offers corporate performance management solutions through our SAP, Oracle and Microsoft partners.

Standard and Custom Offerings
Perficient consultants make the difference by delivering solutions that link financial data to ensure you are getting visibility into all your business drivers and effectively making critical business decisions based on real-time information.

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial consolidations
  • Financial reporting and analytics migrations
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data integration, data management and data quality
  • Profitability and analysis
  • Management reporting and compliance
  • Training and education 

Business Process Management
Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal. 

The goal of BPM is to reduce human error and miscommunication and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their roles. BPM is a subset of infrastructure management, an administrative area concerned with maintaining and optimizing an organization's equipment and core operations.

BPM is often a point of connection within a company between the line-of-business (LOB) and the IT department. Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) were both created to facilitate communication between IT and the LOB. Both languages are easy to read and learn, so that business people can quickly learn to use them and design processes. Both BPEL and BPMN adhere to the basic rules of programming, so that processes designed in either language are easy for developers to translate into hard code.

There are three different kinds of BPM frameworks available in the market today. Horizontal frameworks deal with design and development of business processes and are generally focused on technology and reuse. Vertical BPM frameworks focus on a specific set of coordinated tasks and have pre-built templates that can be readily configured and deployed. Full-service BPM suites have five basic components:

  • Process discovery and project scoping
  • Process modeling and design
  • Business rules engine
  • Workflow engine
  • Simulation and testing

While on-premise Business Process Management (BPM) has been the norm for most enterprises, advances in cloud computing have lead to increased interest in on-demand, software as a service (SaaS) offerings.


Visionary People (VP) provides complete solution (e.g. BPM, ERP, CRM, etc.) life cycle services and management for small and large organizations. Our business process assessment and analysis services start at the initiation of your project, and are primarily focused on defining requirements, your business processes, and estimations of the new systems’ organizational impact and cost.

We believe that good solution implementations begin with a comprehensive requirements analysis using a solid investigative process. Whether you’re looking to evaluate your current systems environment, current business processes, or need help defining requirements that are specific to your business, VP can help.

We provide a quick, practical assessment of your business and IT environment and have considerable experience in transferring our years of knowledge and expertise to our clients.

We work both on a project and organizational level, helping you pinpoint processes and requirements that will bring the most value and consistency across your business.

Business Process Reengineering
Business process reengineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks. BPR involves the radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality. In Business Process Reengineering, companies start with a blank sheet of paper and rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the customer. They typically adopt a new value system that places increased emphasis on customer needs. Companies reduce organizational layers and eliminate unproductive activities in two key areas. First, they redesign functional organizations into cross-functional teams. Second, they use technology to improve data dissemination and decision making.

How Business Process Reengineering works:
Business Process Reengineering is a dramatic change initiative that contains five major steps. Managers should:

  • Refocus company values on customer needs
  • Redesign core processes, often using information technology to enable improvements
  • Reorganize a business into cross-functional teams with end-to-end responsibility for a process
  • Rethink basic organizational and people issues
  • Improve business processes across the organization

Companies use Business Process Reengineering to:
Companies use Business Process Reengineering to improve performance substantially on key processes that impact customers. Business Process Reengineering can:

  • Reduce costs and cycle time. Business Process Reengineering reduces costs and cycle times by eliminating unproductive activities and the employees who perform them. Reorganization by teams decreases the need for management layers, accelerates information flows, and eliminates the errors and rework caused by multiple handoffs.
  • Improve quality. Business Process Reengineering improves quality by reducing the fragmentation of work and establishing clear ownership of processes. Workers gain responsibility for their output and can measure their performance based on prompt feedback.

Supply Chain Optimization
Economic uncertainties, business complexities, competitive marketplace, shorter cycle times and increasing customer demands are driving the need for more agile supply chains than ever before. With all the demands on global companies, superior performance in a supply chain is critical to a business’s success.

Visionary People's optimization services provide a unique offering of expertise plus industry insight which leverages LeanLogistics Transportation Network data and optimization technologies to ensure a company’s supply chain provides competitive advantage.

Companies leveraging Supply Chain Optimization Services are able to:

  • Optimize transportation and overall supply chain
  • Deliver executable recommendations
  • Benchmark against competition and industry standard

From inventory modeling to scenario analysis to transportation simulation and more, learn how Visionary People's optimization services can support your supply chain initiatives.

Business Activity Monitoring
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), also called Business Activity Management, describes the processes and technologies that enhance situation awareness and enable analysis of critical business performance indicators based on real-time data. BAM is used to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations by keeping track of what is happening and making issues visible quickly. The BAM concept can be implemented through many different kinds of software tools; those aimed solely at BAM are called BAM platform products. The BAM paradigm can be used to evaluate external as well as internal factors.

Three main steps compose effective implementation of BAM:

  • First, relevant data is gathered in an efficient and timely manner and in sufficient quantities to provide meaningful results.
  • Second, the data is processed to identify and categorize factors relevant to specific concerns.
  • Finally, the data is analyzed and the results displayed in a clear, user-friendly interface so personnel can take appropriate actions.

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