If there's a vision, there's a way.

The Complex Scalable, Adaptive & Sustainable Solutions Framework™ (C-SASSF™) is a method devised to capture and cement strategic goals, as well as flashes of insight about the future, and develop the means to bring linked personal and corporate goals into reality — all while maintaining alignment to performance and rewards.

VP provides an opportunity to continually improve performance by disseminating and deploying the vision, direction, targets and plans of corporate management to top management and to all employees. This is done so that people at all job levels can continually act on the plans, and evaluate, study and provide feedback results as a part of a continual improvement process.

The intention is that all personnel will be aware of theirs and management’s Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Departments do not compete against each other, projects run to successful conclusions, and business is seen as a set of coordinated processes.

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